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Horror Meets Comedy launches on Xbox LIVE

26 November 2008
by R.A. Porter

Got an Xbox? Good. Got Xbox LIVE? Very good. Today is the launch of the Horror Meets Comedy shorts on LIVE, sponsored by the USAF1 I just finished the short, from May director Lucky McKee, and chuckled quite a bit. If you like subversive and slightly skewed humor, you’ll probably like this quite a bit.

For context, if you like James Gunn’s PG Porn, you’ll think this is a hoot ‘n’ a half.

Log in, download, and come on back and tell us what you thought.

  1. Don’t ask…I don’t know why. Don’t tell…me if you know. []

Pushing Daisies: “Robbing Hood”

26 November 2008
by R.A. Porter

Ned: I’m out of counter space, so I’m stress baking in my head.
Chuck: Feels like you’re stress baking me.
Ned: I’m channeling fear into anger.
Emerson: Anger leads to hate.
Chuck: Hate leads to stress baking the people you love.

Watching tonight with one eye and a heavy heart was probably not the best way to appreciate another fine outing from Bryan Fuller et al. I barely caught the key party exchange1 and had to skip back to enjoy Ned’s innocence and Chuck’s teasing tone. I only barely noticed the Yoda bit. And I couldn’t tell you what color schemes the costumers and set dressers went with if you held a gigantic musket to my head.

But I did still smile. It’s hard not to smile while watching this show. Which is pretty remarkable considering my mood today and how directly it is related to this canceled gem.

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  1. For a worldly pervert, I’m ashamed to admit I hadn’t heard of this ’70s staple until Sam and Annie took a walk on the undercover wild side on Life on Mars. []

Grey’s Anatomy – The New Medium?

21 November 2008
by Tawnya Jonsek

Ok, I admit it. After last week, I was ready to give up on this show. But, I tuned in for one more week because I’ve been watching this show forever and it’s a hard habit to break. I don’t think I could handle Grey’s crapping out on me and I don’t think I’m the only one.

I just want to know if Izzie is loony or sick with some tumor or other neurological disorder? What gives with that? Personally, I think the powers that be didn’t realize how popular Denny would be with viewers. He was hot, cute, sick and we loved him. And we hated that he died. So, they bring him back and get a boost with viewership maybe? Or, is this a way to get Katherine Heigl out of the show so she can make movies full time? Read the rest of this entry »

Ugly Betty – “When Betty Meets Yeti”

20 November 2008
by Tawnya Jonsek

Ugly Betty’s latest episode, “When Betty Meets Yeti” (Season 3, Episode 9) kicks off with Betty getting annoyed at Amanda, who treats Betty like an at-home assistant. Feeling upset about still being assistant, it becomes worse for her when Nick (Alexis’ old assistant) visits Mode magazine, bragging about his new job as deputy culture editor of New York Review. Betty asks how he got the job and he tells her about YETI (Young Editors Training Initiative), an editor-in-training program .

Betty asks Daniel to write a letter of recommendation for the Yeti program.  She also meets with Pilar Mejia and finds out she has 48 hours to create a magazine concept that expresses who she is, complete with Table Of Contents, Front Cover & Letter to the Editor. To cut corners, she goes with a fashion mag concept, even though it is out of her league. Read the rest of this entry »

Worst Week – Clever Comic Delight

20 November 2008
by Tawnya Jonsek

I’ll be the first to admit it. When I first saw adverts for the new CBS sitcom, Worst Week, I was less than thrilled. I scored a 0 on desire level to TiVo the show. I couldn’t see how the show’s premise could last 6 weeks, much less a full season. I had no plans at all to watch, record or even think about the show.

But, on a whim, I thought ‘What the hay’ and decided to watch it anyways. I figured it was only 30 minutes of my time I was sacrificing and if it was horrible, I’d never have to watch it again. Read the rest of this entry »

Pushing Daisies: “Oh Oh Oh…It’s Magic”

19 November 2008
by R.A. Porter

There have been quite a few very well suited guest stars on Pushing Daisies – Molly Shannon, Patrick Fabian, the brilliant Paul Reubens – but none fit quite so well as Fred Willard. Now, I’m a sucker for Willard, always have been. He’s got a real warmth to go with the absurd-oblivious air he affects, and it never fails to make me like his characters. That’s true again here, as he plays Herman Gunt – The Great Herrmann – as a softie who can’t help but take Maurice and Ralston under his wing when their father bails on them during a Sunday matinee.

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Batman: The Brave and the Bold

15 November 2008
by R.A. Porter

I probably should have mentioned this *before* it premiered, but I’d totally spaced on it until mid-day on Friday. Then, I figured I should watch it before recommending it. Sorry about that.

Because You Should Be Watching This!

At least you should if you like fun, light-hearted action that doesn’t take itself seriously but takes its audience seriously. You should if you don’t believe The Goddamn Batman, or the brooding Batman, or the psychopathic Batman is the only real Batman. You should if you like a Bats with a loaded utility belt and a big yellow target on his chest. Most of all, you should watch if you like to be entertained.

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Ugly Betty: “Tornado Girl”

13 November 2008
by Tawnya Jonsek

Betty begs for the chance to give the final approval for Mode magazine’s latest edition while Daniel is away at a business retreat, sans cell phone. This particular issue sports a flashy tornado with a supermodel imposed over it and the title ‘Eye of the Storm’. Satisfied the issue is ready to go and after having given final approval to ship the magazines out, Betty takes a break and is horrified to see a major news alert about a once in a decade twister destroying parts of Tibsley, Kansas and leaving many dead. Read the rest of this entry »

Pushing Daisies Might Finish in Comics

13 November 2008
by R.A. Porter

Slice of SciFi is reporting that Bryan Fuller has presented his plans for the second half of the season to ABC execs and is waiting for the pickup. But if the network passes, he plans to complete the story arcs in comics.

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Lipstick Jungle Axed – Anyone Surprised?

13 November 2008
by Tawnya Jonsek

NBC - Lipstick Jungle

NBC – Lipstick Jungle

Early this morning, word spread that NBC had axed Lipstick Jungle and My Own Worst Enemy due to poor ratings. As a female who enjoyed seeing other females make the dough and get the guy, I was disappointed about Lipstick Jungle. My Own Worst Enemy? I never bothered to tune in for, even having had a HUGE crush on Christian Slater as a little girl.

But apparently, I’m one of the few who showed up each week to find out if Victory Ford would finally hook up with Joe or if Wendy’s marriage would survive that little kiss she had. And then there was Nico the cougar with her hot little waiter, Kirby.

So – what about you? Did you bother watching either of those shows? Surprised at the news? Any other shows you fear might ‘get the ax’?

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