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17 June 2009
by Tawnya Jonsek

hawthorne_gallery01_512x341Just when I think I could give up on TV and walk away forever, TNT creates a new medical drama, Hawthorne. I was skeptical. Grey’s lost its appeal once Isaiah Washington left and Izzie started sleeping with her ghost lover. ER lost me nearly a decade ago and Private Practice always has been a bit on the goofy side. Added to the mix is the fact that almost every great drama or comedy I became attached to in the last two years has been cancelled prematurely. I’ve not been willing to spend time caring about yet another new show, especially another medical drama.


But, Jada Pinkett Smith, as Christina Hawthorne, is a great, talented actress. Based on the pilot alone, I would say the show has strong promise. The characters and dialog feel real to me. Having grown up with a mom who spent her entire career in the operating room, I heard a lot about what goes on at a hospital. I know about the real struggles of nurses and surgical techs, the clashes between staff and doctors and power plays between other nurses. Many of my own friends were also nurses. What I can appreciate about Hawthorne is they accurately portray many of the gripes and joys I’ve heard from my own mom and friends. The dialog felt real and the characters believable. Read the rest of this entry »

The Fixer – Indie in the Making

23 April 2009
by Tawnya Jonsek

fixerTwitter is an awesome thing indeed. Not only did I make my way to Dreamloom through Twitter, I also made the acquaintance of Jon F. Merz, a published sci-fi author, of such titles as “The Fixer” and “Parallax”, his latest thriller. What popped out at me about Jon was his endeavor to push his vampire chronicles to the small screen as an Indie production. With all my favorite shows (at the time) dropping like flies, I was interested in the process of what he hoped to accomplish, especially considering the fact Jon is aiming for production standard quality versus a more typical Indie, budget on a shoestring-type affair. Read the rest of this entry »

In Plain Sight – ‘Gilted Lily’

20 April 2009
by Tawnya Jonsek


in-plain-sightWhen I first heard about In Plain Sight, I thought ’Gee, another cop show. We don’t have enough of those.’

The trick to good storytelling, however, is to find a new angle to present old material. In Plain Sight may not have dramatically relandscaped the cop whodunit angle, but the flowers are fresh enough I don’t mind giving the show a chance. Read the rest of this entry »

Worlds Funniest Office Commercials

13 April 2009
by Tawnya Jonsek


I just curled up with TBS’s Worlds Funniest Office Commercials and laughed my ass off. I happened to be watching on my laptop with earphones and know for a fact I made several people nearby jealous. If only I had been generous enough to share. But – with a young boy in the room who just happened to ask about the facts of life recently – I didn’t want to explain some of the racier ads. (Why is that woman holding a whip spanking the man?) Yeah, we don’t want to go there. Read the rest of this entry »

The Closer “Good Faith”

26 January 2009
by Tawnya Jonsek

good-faithFans of The Closer tune in for tonights episode, “Good Faith”, eager to discover the fate of Detective Sanchez, who had been shot trying to save the life of Detective Provenza. The last time Det. Sanchez was seen, he was being airlifted to a hospital. While I won’t reveal whether he lives or dies, I can say the episode overall is a good one.

Brenda’s parents come to visit, creating issues for her as she tries to avoid the pressure they place on her to commit to wedding plans. (Will she walk down the aisle this time? Has she overcome her commitment issues? Will she wear her mom’s wedding dress? Keep tuning in – I won’t leak this one either.) Read the rest of this entry »

The United States of Tara

16 January 2009
by Tawnya Jonsek

taraI’ve spent a lot of time thinking about The United States of Tara. I’m struck by the show’s potential. The pilot is written by Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody, and directed by Craig Gillespie (Lars and the Real Girl). Did I mention it also has the hand of Stephen Spielberg on it? And with Toni Collette playing the lead, The United States of Tara could be a TV masterpiece.

Tara Gregson, played by Collette, suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), otherwise known as multiple personality disorder. She also has two children, Kate and Marshall, and has been married to Max (John Corbett) for 17 years. While watching the movie, I was reminded of the first line of Anna Karenina.

“Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”

Read the rest of this entry »

Ugly Betty – “Dress for Success”

9 January 2009
by Tawnya Jonsek

UglyBettyI love Ugly Betty. But last night’s show left me a bit – perturbed. Just slightly. In “Dress for Success”, Betty is scrambling to hold on to her position in the YETI program. Being a magazine editor is her dream, her passion. Her family should understand this and know (after three years) that the job requires long hours, sometimes at the last minute. They should know she is called away from family functions to run errands for Daniel. It’s her job. She signed on for this and it’s a typical rung in the ladder she hopes to climb.

But her family is giving her flack for doing her job instead of hanging out with the family or putting together gift bags for her sister’s salon opening. (We never saw Hilda thank Betty for those gift bags – or at least not in the profuse way Betty deserved). They hound Betty and lay guilt trips on her for showing up to work, for networking, for basically having any dream that isn’t tied to the family. Read the rest of this entry »

10 Items or Less – Good, Goofball Humor

4 January 2009
by Tawnya Jonsek

Episode 301 - Turkey BowlingI have to be honest. I remember watching advertisements of 10 Items or Less back in 2006. I was not interested. The commercials reminded me of Saved By The Bell – a show I was addicted to as a kid but hate as an adult. Now that I’m all grown up, the stupid, lame jokes of Saved By the Bell make me wish I could shoot myself instead of enduring another half hour of Zach and gang. So, to avoid being suicidal, I didn’t tune in for 10 Items. After watching “Turkey Bowling”, the 10 Items or Less season premiere, I realize how misleading marketing can be and regret not giving the show a chance 2 years ago.

Read the rest of this entry »

Dirty Sexy Money – Who Dies?

11 December 2008
by Tawnya Jonsek

Yes, there are only four more Dirty Sexy Money episodes left to air before ABC finally pulls the plug. And dammit! It’s just getting good. Last night’s, “The Plan”, left us with a classic cliffhanger – who gets shot? We’ve been promised one is killed, one has amnesia and another is in a coma.

I have two theories. One, Chase gets killed, Karen has amnesia and Patrick is in a coma. Chase gets hit by a police officer’s bullet. It’s a convenient way to get rid of Patrick’s ‘problem’ and the Darlings avoid a messy investigation into Ellen’s death. Karen, after being knocked out, forgets she was going to even marry Simon Elder and is able to pursue Nick without any resentment. And Patrick, comatosed, is tucked away for a while, earning public sympathy making it easier for him to get together with Carmelita when he wakes up.

Theory number two: Carmelita is killed, Chase is in a coma and Patrick has amnesia. Carmelita is out of the way and Tripp no longer has to worry she will ruin his son’s political career. Chase is unable to expose what he thinks is his sister’s murder but the threat still hangs in the background for the Darlings. Patrick has amnesia and doesn’t even know his wife is dead.

What do you think? Who do you think bit the dust last night? And how in the world can we convince ABC to change their minds and renew Dirty Sexy Money?

Stop Effing With My Emotions, ABC!

5 December 2008
by Tawnya Jonsek

For the last 3 weeks, the fate of my Grey’s Anatomy DVR season pass has lain in the balance. The whole Denny Duquette ghost storyline confused me. I couldn’t buy into the fact that Izzie Stevens suddenly became sensitive to the other side and began conversing with the dead. Next, I got seriously pissed when Brooke Smith was quietly whisked away from view. While it was a bit odd Callie had recruited McSteamy to be her teacher in the ways of Lesbian love, I did enjoy Callie and Hahn’s actual relationship. I thought Dr. Hahn was a great addition to the cast. So, since her last appearance, I’ve been waiting to see if I will continue watching or if Grey’s will be permanently removed from my DVR lineup. Read the rest of this entry »

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