Worst Week – Clever Comic Delight

20 November 2008
by Tawnya Jonsek

I’ll be the first to admit it. When I first saw adverts for the new CBS sitcom, Worst Week, I was less than thrilled. I scored a 0 on desire level to TiVo the show. I couldn’t see how the show’s premise could last 6 weeks, much less a full season. I had no plans at all to watch, record or even think about the show.

But, on a whim, I thought ‘What the hay’ and decided to watch it anyways. I figured it was only 30 minutes of my time I was sacrificing and if it was horrible, I’d never have to watch it again.

I was completely, utterly, fantastically surprised. Not only was Worst Week not a horror, it has become one of my absolute favorite sitcoms of all time. And I do mean of all time. Friends was awesome. That show carried me through many crises in my life. Seinfeld was wonderful. I sported a Kramer shirt for many years. How I Met Your Mother is the bomb. Neil Patrick Harris is a comic genius and I look forward to watching it every Monday. But Worst Week has gotten more laughs out of me than any TV show in my life.

And not just a chuckle or an amused smirk. Not even a brief shotgun, stucatto laugh. I’m talking about a laugh so hideously ugly I would never want anyone to tape me watching the show. I laugh so hard I cry. I nearly hyperventilate from laughing over the spell Murphy’s Law has cast on the main character, Sam. I have to pause the show because I can’t focus. 

This hasn’t happened once. It has happened every single friggin’ time I watch. 

So, now that I hear CBS is considering dropping the show, I panic a bit. How can they take away such a brilliantly-crafted, masterfully funny show? And I’m not alone in my thinking. TV Series Finale is driving a petition to save the show. You should see the level of response they’ve gotten (165 comments as of writing this article. If you are a fan, please find out what you need to do to help save the show).

If you aren’t sure you would like it – let me share a brief critique, if you will. I am not a ‘tv expert’. I am an average viewer. This show reminds me of Meet The Fockers. It has a European flavor to it I hope they retain. (The show is based on the BBC series, The Worst Week of My Life). You can’t help but root for Sam and Mel, his fiance, as every possible calamity befalls them. Give it a chance. Hulu it. Watch it next week. If you don’t like it, it’s only 30 minutes and you never have to watch it again.

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