Stop Effing With My Emotions, ABC!

5 December 2008
by Tawnya Jonsek

For the last 3 weeks, the fate of my Grey’s Anatomy DVR season pass has lain in the balance. The whole Denny Duquette ghost storyline confused me. I couldn’t buy into the fact that Izzie Stevens suddenly became sensitive to the other side and began conversing with the dead. Next, I got seriously pissed when Brooke Smith was quietly whisked away from view. While it was a bit odd Callie had recruited McSteamy to be her teacher in the ways of Lesbian love, I did enjoy Callie and Hahn’s actual relationship. I thought Dr. Hahn was a great addition to the cast. So, since her last appearance, I’ve been waiting to see if I will continue watching or if Grey’s will be permanently removed from my DVR lineup.

And last night’s show, All By  Myself, only confused me more. First – I’m thrilled Kevin McKidd is playing Sandra Oh’s love interest. It’s about time her character got back on the love wagon. From the viewpoint of an average audience member (moi), they have great chemistry. That whole vent scene? Can I just say I want a vent too? McKidd is an awesome actor. I ‘discovered’ him when I got turned on to Journeyman. I’m still not over the fact the show got cancelled and it made my day to see him turn up at Seattle Grace. 

Second and going back to Denny – I know somehow Denny’s appearance signals Izzie’s mental breakdown. My gut feeling was that this was the way to let Heigl gracefully exit the show. (Though lord knows, Grey’s Anatomy does not seem to be the place where they let actors ‘gracefully exit’, Brooke Smith case in point.) I also really like Alex Karev. It bugs me they would set him up to finally pledge undying love to Izzie only to snatch it right from under his nose. Just four weeks ago she was as sane as any of us. And in one episode this changes? It doesn’t feel credible to me.

When Alex walked in on Izzie and told her he loved her, I told myself that was it. I was not going to watch any longer. Anger seethed, blood boiled. But somehow, in less than 30 minutes, they turned it around on me. I got all fuzzy watching McKidd and Oh interact. And the vocal chord lady broke me. When she said hi to her husband, the damn burst. I was actually crying like the little girl I am. So in less than an hour, if you don’t count commercial breaks, I literally went from hating the show to loving it.

I have no idea where my season pass stands. Should I cancel or no? I guess I’ll have to wait till next week.

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